• School

    For over 40 years we have been teaching English in the heart of London on busy Oxford St.

    Each week, thousands of learners just like you study on our excellent English language courses. They make very quick progress, whatever their level.

    All our expert teachers are first language English speakers. They will help you to quickly and easily speak English with confidence.

    We are the home of the Callan Method, invented by Robin Callan in 1960, and now used all over the world. We are the only school directly managed by the Callan Group.

    We are accredited by the international accreditation organisation, ASIC, so are able to sponsor you with your Student Visitor Visa or Extended Student Visitor Visa applications.

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  • Classes

    English lessons:

    Social programme:

    • Debates
    • Idioms and phrases
    • Cultural talks
    • Newspaper discussions
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  • Prices and Timetable

    Learning English at Callan School London is fast, fun, and affordable!

    We are also very flexible, so that you can fit your classes into your life while you stay within your budget.

    Our timetable is available here.

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Latest Testimonials

  • My first lesson was very difficult, but I started to understand and exploit the Method from the second/third lesson. My English is quite improved! Teachers are great!

  • It was a awesome experience, for some reasons: a good bunch of teachers, very kind and mad classmates, a lots of cultural places to visit.

  • I had such a great time... It was an amazing experience! I recommend Callan School for everyone I know!


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